Supported chemistries:

  • Color film (C-41)
  • Slide film (E-6)
  • Black and white (b&w)

Supported sizes:

  • 35mm film (135, xpan)
  • Roll film (120, 127, 220)
  • Pocket film (110)
  • Large format (4x5, 9x12cm, 5x7, 13x18cm, 8x10, 18x24cm)

Our basic package of €35 includes developing by hand and high-resolution scanning in uncompressed TIFF format. Prices for large format developing & scanning start from €12 per sheet. Push/pull developing, stand developing, and cross-processing are offered at no extra cost.

Currently we develop film once a week. Depending on your schedule, the archived negatives/slides can be picked up from our lab or mailed world-wide.

Our lab is conveniently located close to Sörnäinen metro station, just 5 minutes from Helsinki Central Railway Station. The airport bus 615 has a stop close to us, too. Because our laboratory is not accessible from street level, we kindly ask to contact us by Whatsapp or email before visiting.

If you need any advice about film photography in Helsinki, we are more than happy to help! Just drop us a message on Whatsapp and ask about:

  • Best places to buy used film cameras
  • Which film stocks are available locally
  • How to get a new battery for your film camera

Additionally we sell films and chemistry in our online shop, Harjun Filmipuoti.

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